Toll Collection:

1. Fill out table below. Mention THREE things you would like to learn (3 marks) and TWO ways in which you would like to learn (2 marks).

2. For your proposed part of Toll Collection, state:
  • the steps involved from 1st to last
  • the steps which are delayed
  • how can the delayed steps be solved by using the computer as a tool.

Name of

Group Member





What you would

like to learn from

the e-Gov Course

(3 marks)

How would you

like to learn this?

(2 marks)
Atiar Rahman
Improving the social and economic welfare to the citizens to strengthen local government institutions, and ensure their needs and demand through e-service.
(3 marks)
  • Consultation
  • Group work & presentation
  • Question & answer
  • Experience sharing
  • Positive and negative learning sharing
  • Demonstration
  • Practical e-service solution design and practice in implementation process.
(1 mark)
Begum Morsheda Akter
sharing own ideas and feelings with others and develop the sense to show honour to others' opinion. This program especially facilitate us to be more transparent and efficient to take decision, choke out program and solution various risen problem.
group work,consultation and through share ideas as well as views'
Ahmed Latiful Hossain

Mohammad Shahidul Islam
Tender process in our country is much more politicized and corrupted, so for overcoming political influence, control corruption and to ensure transparency & accountability through e-governance.
Group work, experience sharing,exposure visit,consultation and and case study.
Hosne Ara

Tanvir Bashar
IER- 15
Technological procedures and the basic systems of e-governance.
Group work, presentation, sharing of ideas and practical application.
Shabira Sultana


Steps in which delay occurs:

How delay problems can be improved using technology:

Task 2:

Group Members :
  • Atiar-GPP - 10
  • Tanvir-IER - 15
  • Shahidul-GPP-26
  • Latif-GPP - 11
  • Morsheda- GPP- 5
  • Hosne Ara -IER-22
  • Shabira Sultana-GPP-19

Focus on ONE monitoring method in your case study. Breakdown the monitoring method into the steps of the CIPSODA model below.
Topic : Strengthening "Toll Collection System" using monitoring method CIPSODA model. (4 marks, more thought needed)

Step of



E.g. Data,






Data collection
  • Quantitative data to be collected
  • Secondary literature review
  • Physical counting
What data will you collect? What forms/formats would you use?
Severer error- Willing and unwilling


Survey data
  • Botyh cerntrally and decent-rally
How will the collected data be input into the computer?
Physical counting
Willing and unwilling


Data entry and analysis
  • Reduce willing and unwilling error
  • Automation
What analysis will you ask the computer to do and what formula would you give?
Through computer
Skilled manpower and electricity-Willing and unwilling


Computerized database
  • Centrally and decent-rally
  • Automation
What will the database be? In what format would you store the data?
Using computer
Error free data


  • Through gap analysis can be compared with the actual collection.
  • Through sharing fault findings
The purpose of estimate would be to compare with actual collection. How will you enable the comparison?
Data analysis
Gap in the process


80% toll will be collected.(Bottom-line)
  • Through checklist and indicator the follow up and monitoring will be conducted.
Decision will be to follow up. How will the follow-up and monitoring be done?
Through data analysis
Effective coordination


Reduction of system loss.
  • Lack of scientific assessment
  • Lack of proper decision and action
  • Through scientific assessment, and by taking effective decision and action the system loss will be reduced.
What exactly is the system loss here and how will it be reduced?
System failure

Task : 3 (5 marks)


Organizational Objectives

Personal Objectives

  • Actual number of vehicle to be counted with categorically like Bus-500, Micro bus & Cars-650, Track-550, and Motor cycle & others-600.
  • Figure out the amount of revenue collected.
  • Existing practices in revenue collection process
  • What types of the loo false have in the process
  • If any recommendations to solve the problems
  • Good, estimated tax collection from each toll-booth

  • Error in vehicle counting (Willing and unwilling)
  • Group interest
  • Political interest and personal benefit.

  • Actual information to be storage like around Bus-500, Micro bus & Cars-650, Track-550, and Motor cycle & others-600 is crossed the bridge. .Automation setup will be established
  • To increase revenue
  • What kind of hardware, what will the hardware do?

  • Information could be used for malpractices like to demand bribe, middling piddling corruption may be increased.
  • System failure
  • A selective group could be benefited i.e. those are influential and have access in power structure.

  • Using updated and user friendly technology
  • Technology to be used for load management (Automation)
  • What formulae would you apply?

  • Due to corrupt and complex process desire revenue will not be collected
  • System manipulated i.e system hanged
  • System crash

Objectives and Value
  • Increase revenue collection
  • Development
  • Welfare
  • Share revenue with collectors? Give collectors additional benefits?

  • Personal/Group benefit
  • Political motto
  • National interest hampered
  • Poverty ratio will be increased
  • Social unrest could be raised

Staffing and Skills
  • Increase staff performance
  • Give more incentive and reward
  • Exact steps for each job must be defined before training can be done on the steps.

  • Politically biased
  • Unskilled
  • Lack of honest motivation

Management & Structure
  • Introduced scientific management (Computerized)
  • Skilled and trained management
  • Committed to the national interest
  • Proved the patriotism for greater interest
  • The collectors will be reportable to his line chief, and the line chief will be reportable to the centrally and decent-rally. Develop and approve a transparency and accountability memo, and orient them about this.
  • Who will the collectors be accountable to? How will accountability be ensured?

  • Personalized, i.e relatives and the close persons will have to involve in the management and decision making process.
  • Political point of view,i.e. Do not think about the welfare of the citizen, just think for party interest
  • Malpractices, i.e there is no establishment of participatory management, rather established one man show management.
  • Autocratic system develop, i.e no realization, consultation and sharing about the real scenario, just giving order.

Others Resources(Time & Money)
  • Exposure visit for sharing the best practices
  • Introduce update system to reduce system loss
  • Coordination of entire government agencies
  • Internal and external coordination.
  • The coordination or liaison officer could be recruited .
What coordination will be required and how will you implement the coordination?

  • Personalized
  • Improper collection
  • Corruption
  • Malpractices i.e. any how 100000 lac, chief authority, 50,000 local authority to be provided in every month, otherwise some people will be fallen in trouble.
  • Intention

Task 4: Topic: Decentralization of Toll Collection System

This task is about implementing your system in the whole of Bangladesh. To help us understand the problems involved in implementation we can use the CIPSODA model, study how each part of the model will be implemented and how the operation of the system will be monitored.


How &









ID 3 marks



  • Persons records
  • Survey
  • Social network
  • Easy process
  • Comparable
  • Cheaper
  • Costly
  • Time consuming
  • Atiar-GPP - 10
  • Tanvir-IER - 15
  • Shahidul-GPP-26
  • Latif-GPP - 11
  • Morsheda- GPP- 5
  • Hosne Ara -IER-22



  • Centralized and decentralized both
  • Cross cheeking
  • Coding
  • Faster develop
  • Costly
  • Insufficient
  • Unskilled manpower


  • Computer network
  • Quick output
  • One stop service
  • System failure
  • Data duplication


  • Centrally and decent-rally
  • Back up support
  • Information security
  • Improper compilation
  • Lack of strategy


  • Authentic information
  • Reduce communication gap
  • System reflect on real needs
  • Biased information


  • Hybrid
  • Easy implementation
  • Group interest


  • Automation
  • 80% toll will be collected.
  • Personal interest
  • Group interest



  • Check list
  • Physical counting
  • System loss will be reduced
  • Error in counting

Date: 17 July 2012

Task 5: Develop Proposal on " Automated Toll Collection System"

Project Title : Initiatives "Automated Toll Collection System” Heartland for Increasing Revenue.


  • To minimize corruption
  • To increase economic growth & ensure transparency and accountability.
  • To increase revenue for development of the country .
  • To reduce system loss for delivering effective service.

Drawbacks & Benefits:

In the proposed project proposal intends to find out the drawbacks of existing toll collection system & predict the benefits of future revenue generation.

  • Huge corruption: Huge corruption is the abuse of public power for personal interest or gain. For a long period Bangladesh has been recognized globally as a corrupt country . Here the corruption comes under many different guises like bribery, misappropriations of public goods, nepotism. The common observation is the people depriving from their basic services.

  • Undemocratic influence
  • System-loss
  • Lack of coordination
  • Poor management
  • Weak monitoring process
  • Reduced corruption
  • Established effective system
  • Started democratic practices
  • Ensured effective coordination among the line agencies
  • Established structured management system
  • Strengthen monitoring process

Model Set up :
  • Identify data source
  • Data collection process
  • Data coding
  • Establish data management system

  • Automation set up
  • Punch card/ smart card
  • Prepaid card

Prevent Personal Objectives:
  • Centralized and decentralized control
  • Set up high power generator
  • Alternative system to be set up such Smart Card; Punch Card; and Prepaid Card

Implementation Model
Narrative Summary
Objectively verifiable inductors (OVI)
Means of Verification(MOV)
Overall Objectives/Impact

Specific Objective/Purpose
  • -
  • -
  • -

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

  • -
  • -
  • -