Health Care System:

1. Fill out table below. Mention THREE things you would like to learn (3 marks) and TWO ways in which you would like to learn (2 marks).

2. For your proposed Health Care Service, state:
  • the steps involved from 1st to last
  • the steps which are delayed
  • how can the delayed steps be solved by using the computer as a tool.

Name of

Group Member





What you would

like to learn from

the e-Gov Course

(3 marks)

How would you

like to learn this?

(2 marks)

- Basic / General issues about e-Governance.
- Barriers / challenges for proper / effective implementation.
- How to overcome the challenges
(3 marks)
- Learning by doing i.e. learning with real life example.
- Practical demonstration (if possible)
(2 marks)
Md.Giash Uddin
-Basic Concept of e- governance
-Functional linkage of e- governance
-How to use e- governance to reduce corruption and to reduce miss use of resources
(3 marks)
- Primarily I would like to know the concept of e- governance
- then I would like to link the theory and practice
(1 mark)
Md. Amirul Islam
-fundamental issues of E-Governance
- linkage academic lessons with practical measures
- future challenges/ opportunities of Bangladesh E-Governance system
(3 marks)
- Case Study analysis
- in depth discussion, how Bangladesh govt facing their projects works in E-Governance link up
(2 marks)
Ariful Bashar
IER- 34
  1. Fundamentals of e- Governance
  2. Implementation process
  3. Opportunities and challenges in developing countries
  1. Depth discussion about the concept
  2. Case study analysis with practical demonstration


  • Collect Baseline Information ( Service providers , Service Recivers, % of women receive service from skilled health care service providers)
  • Develop datebase of service providers and service recivers
  • Develop electronic complain system ( SMS, Mail)
  • Awaresess raising of Communicy people on health Care service
  • Create fuctional leinkage with local goverment
  • Identify the limitation of service

Steps in which delay occurs:

  • Lack of knowledge on Skilled health care Service
  • Lack of skilled service providers
  • Service delivery point is now poor friendly
  • Dont have accountability of service providers
  • Dont have awarding system for good performance.
  • Lesee benifit for the service providers

How delay problems can be improved using technology:

- Electronic card (like Debit card) can be provide to service recipients. Whenever they will go there for receive health service they have to punch the card.
- Should maintain softwere based registration syatem all over the country .
- Should have electronic based complain system
-Challenge of providing service shoud update s
-Every HSDP shoud updated their Humna resourcess statusmonthly against the allocated number

Task 2:

Focus on ONE monitoring method in your case study. Breakdown the monitoring method into the steps of the CIPSODA model below.
More thought and effort is required. (3 marks)

Step of



E.g. Data,






Data on (Specifice area)
- number of Eligible mother (how will you decide eligibility? The computer will do total for number of eligible mothers)
-Number of mother reularly receiveing service from health service delivery points
-Number of mother receiveing service from unskilled service providers
- indepth interview( Service receipents, teachers , Students , doctor , representatiove of local goverment )
- case study collection
Number is output. What will you collect exactly. What will be written on the data collection form?
- Study
- Iregular Monitoring
-Monitiring findings are not using for dicision making
Think specifically for capture of data on form.


-How many people are involve with providing service
- How many service providers are providing service
- Resourcess are available
-ensure available service
( Registration . Colletion of update list of service providers . collection information on budget aganist the number of people receiving service .
Where and how data will be input into the computer?


-Sofware base registreation of providing service
-Should have identification number
What formula would you give the computer. Add what? How will you know which mothers have not received service?


All the information ralated to the service receipant and service providers will be stored in sofware system with backup support. Where will the hard disc be? What format will the data be stored?


-Number of people will get service
-number of service providers will provide service
?? Makes no sense. Please rethink.


- Bsed on the data different diocision could be taken for awareness raising , incresasing number of service providers
Unless output is fixed, you cannot know what decision or action to take.


1.Could take awareness raising program 2. could increase the number of service providers
3. could increase the infrestural facilities

Task 3: Group Marks (7 marks)

(4 marks)
You have not understood "Personal Objective". Personal Objective is how a person will use the AREA to find ways to fill his/her personal pocket, thus furthering his/her personal goal of making money. Pls make sure you understand and fill out the table.







- Identified the number of mother(15-49) who are eligible for maternal health care service
-Identify the number of mother who are receiving from health service Deliver points
-Identify the Number of mother who are receiving service from unskilled service providers
-Identify the number of Human Resources are available for the service ( Service providers against the total population)
How will you receive information when mother has received satisfactory or unsatisfactory service?
Some information could wrong / sometime information may be capture in wrong mode/ data variation can be happened/


-Develop MIS system
-Use Mobile phone
-Web based? How will mobile be used - to do what?
- sometimes data can be manipulated for personal interest


- Reporting / Documentation
- Service recipient will be registered through mobile SMS. every service precipitant will get an ID. This ID will be used whenever she receive service.
Good. What formula would you ask the computer to carry out?
- Absence of service providers in hospital will be reduced

Objectives &


-To ensure quality service for the mothers
You need to exactly define what exact service and what you mean by quality.
-To reduce miss use of resources
-To reduce corruption
-Develop monitoring system
What exactly do you wish to monitor? This has to be clearly defined in terms of numbers.
-Ensure good governance

Staffing &


-Staffs will be oriented on Electronic system management
-Quality service will be ensured for the service recipient
-Full time assigned staffs will require who will monitor whether service recipients report on time for medical check up etc. regularly.
It is only if complete and exact steps are defined that you can train the staff on the steps. Who else will need training?



- Skilled personnel about IT / MIS will be recreated
- Further planning and decision making
What management structure will help support the running of the CIPSODA system?



- Field supervisor type trained staffs will be required.
- Human Resources and financial resources for effective implementation

Task 4:

This task is about implementing your system in the whole of Bangladesh. To help us understand the problems involved in implementation we can use the CIPSODA model, study how each part of the model will be implemented and how the operation of the system will be monitored.


How &












-Data will be collected through Survey from the respective working area(districts)
-Database will be developed for data management
-Real scenario will
be identified i.e. who is
eligible for the facilities
-Socio Economic profile of the service recipients will be identified
-Possibility of data
manipulation by field supervisors
due to their personal interest, political pressure etc.
3 marks



-Data entry will be done through prescribed software
-Union level, Upazila level data will be inputted in software
-Every month data will be updated
-All the records will be preserved at software system
-Base on the data report will be prepared


-Data will be inputted in the software system .
-Less time consuming
-Could be crashed
-Could be manipulated by the interest group


-Data will be storage at central level and local level in developed software system


-Service recipients status will be identified
-Progress will be identified


Based on the services receive status and based on the monitoring finding decisions will be taken. For example-awareness raising for the community people, strengthen result based monitoring etc
-Corruption will be reduced
-Resources will be used properly
- Some times decisions is not taking on time as a result objectives are not been achieved


Base on the needs actin will be taken
-Awareness raising activities will be planned for the field level
-Service will be ensured for the mothers and child
-awareness will be raised on general population



- Input, process and output will be monitor by the assigned person
-Monitoring report will be shared with the central level authority
-Success story and case study will be collected for measuring the objectives
-Gap will be minimized
-Quality service will be ensured
-Process will be evaluated