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Research Proposal

National Identity Cards were introduced for all registered voters (citizens of the age of 18 years or above) prior to 9th Parliamentary
Election in 2008. National Identities Registration Act,2010 was promulgated to give legal coverage to these cards. Although the
Government not yet issued any direction to make the card mandatory for rendering services to the people some organizations have
made it mandatory for their service delivery. Since the infrastructure is not fully equipped and ready, there has become some
mismanagement, problems and sufferings for the people.

Who does the problem affect?

Those organizations which deliver different services to the citizens and the citizens who need services from various
organizations both are affected by the problem.

What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?

The boundaries of the problem are those sectors deal with the services to the citizens. These include Banks, Telephone
Companies, Registration Department, Passport Department, National Board of Revenue etc. The problem mainly relates to
authentication system for identification.

What is the problem?
• National Identity Cards issued to the citizens of Bangladesh lack sufficient security features. Reliable verification system is also absent here. This is very much vulnerable to fake and forgery. The organizations and citizens using the card are facing problems due to fake and forged card.
What is the impact of the problem?
• Fake and forged identity cards would have a very adverse impact in the government system and also in the society. The may become a barrier for proper identification and good governance.
What will happen when it is fixed?
• As soon as a reliable and authentic National Identity Card system is established with user friendly verification system different government and non-government organizations would use the system for selection and identification of their beneficiaries, This will help establishing good governance.
What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
• Since the introduction of National Identity Cards newer avenues are being opened for its use. As there remain some deficiencies in the security features and durability of the card both the organizations and citizens have face difficulties in using these. If the deficiencies are not sorted out sufferings may rise.
When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?
• As long as the cards are introduced and some organizations began to use these, the problems have become part of the system. The problems have to be fixed immediate in order to institutionalize the system and also reduce the sufferings of citizens.
Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.
• Since the NID Cards have been issued to every citizens of the age of 18 years and above all over the country the problem may occur in any place of the country even in overseas where Bangladesh Nationals use the cards..
Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
• National Identity Cards are going to become one of the most important tools of good governance in Bangladesh. If the problems mentioned here remain, the system will not be fruitful and may also create hindrances in the service deliveries to citizens by different organizations. It is highly suggested to fix the problem urgently in order give relief.
Research goal
The research will help the authority to recognize the problems and limitations of the present National
Identity Card and also suffering of Citizens due to these problems and limitations. The authority will also
understand the need for developing the system and introducing durable, highly secured and international
standard National Identity Card with proper verification facility in order to institutionalize the National Identity
Card System and ensure good governance.

The research questions
a. How reliable and authentic National Identity Cards with user friendly verification system NID Card may be provided to all citizens easily?
b. How different organizations are encouraged to use NID Cards as identification document for their service delivery?
Research methodology

• Multi-stage sampling procedure will be followed. In the first stage 100 citizens coming to Election Commission Secretariat for NID Card services will be interviewed about their sufferings and expectations regarding NID Card.

• In the second stage, concerned laws and rules of Bangladesh and NID card system of Malaysia, Singapore and Korea will be observed through website.

• In the third stage, questionnaire will be sent and data collected from 5-10 service oriented organizations regarding their willingness and preparation for using NID card as identification document for service delivery.

• In the fourth stage questionnaire will be sent and data collected from 5-10 Election Commission Officials regarding the problem and probability of NID card.

Data to be collected:

a. Provisions for introduction and utilization of NID Card in the law.
b. Experiences of different countries on introduction and utilization of NID Card.
c. Infrastructure, capacity and preparedness of the concerned authority to make NID Card available for all eligible citizens.
d. Citizens’ views and expectations on having national identity card.
e. Infrastructure, capacity and willingness of different service oriented organizations to use national identity card for service delivery.
f. Legal provision, infrastructure and preparedness for verification of authenticity of national identity card.

Proposed Title or problem statement

Finding out the problems and deficiencies remain in the present National Identity Card system and suggestions or fixing the problems and introduction of a reliable and authentic National Identity Card System in Bangladesh in order to ensure proper identification to establish good governance.