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Research Proposal

Agriculture is driving force of National Economy in Bangladesh. About 21% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of
the country comes from agriculture sector. Though the country is mainly agro-based, her peasants are not as empowered as she deserves and they are apart from mainstream of the society. The farmers are deprived from getting fair price of their agro-goods. Farmers do not get information about subsidy on agricultural inputs and other facilities provided by the Government. In fact, they have no access in the information channel. There have been developed no media and communication system through which the farmers can get proper information, share experiences and enhance technical knowledge as well as gear up their socio-economic condition. To the reference of the engagement with NGO’s activities, I got an opportunity to be acquainted with the concept “Community Radio”. Community radio stations are operated, owned and driven by the community people. The concept of the community Radio is new for Bangladesh, but from the successful cases of Bolivia, Nepal, India and Afghanistan we come to know that Community Radio plays an important role in establishing Good governance, Rights to Information and Community Development as well.

Who does the problem affect?
Community people mainly the farmers all over the country are affected by the problem.

What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?

What is the problem?
Bangladesh is agro-based economic country. About one fourth of total GDP relays on agricultural production. But this sector is facing a lot of problems with its productivity and market system.
Firstly, production growth is becoming down because of illumination of agricultural lands and proper cultivation process. This has also been born out that hybrid crops instead of local as well traditional crops of Bangladesh has been failed to satisfy and fill up the needs of farmers and above all the general people.
Secondly, production cost of agricultural inputs has become high. So farmers hardly feel interest to keep them with this profession.
Thirdly, no pro-farmer market system has been developed in Bangladesh where farmers directly can sell their agro-goods to the consumers. As a result farmers are deprived from getting proper price of their goods.
Fourthly, information channel is not free from where farmers could get proper information that they can get agricultural inputs at reasonable price and the channel which will enhance the technical knowledge of farmers.

What is the impact of the problem?
Economic growth of Bangladesh is mostly depends on agricultural Development. The Problem effect the national growth. Though production cost per unit increased, but total growth of agro-based production has decreased for high cost of agricultural inputs and lack of proper market linkage of agro-goods. This situation is that farmers are now reluctant to go to fields and become unemployed.
What will happen when it is fixed?
If the problem fixed the farmers would apart from the mainstream of economic flow. They would be frasted and unemployed.

What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
If we didn't solve the problem, then total problem would be condensed more, our agro economy may be fall into crisis.

When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?
peasants of Bangladesh always deprieved from the government facilities, they have not any communication media to enhance thier knowledge and sharing themselves. and day by day they are segregating from the economic mainstream.

Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.
In all over the segregation proccess is occuring.

Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
We fix the problem because the farmers hold a large part of our total economy. If we didn't provide the better condition for them, the economy must be fallen down.

Research goal
To enhance knowledge of farmers through community radio.

The research questions
a.What are the major problems in agriculture sector?
b. What are the major difficulties face by the farmers?
c. How a community Radio could play a significant role in agricultual development?
Research methodology
  • Literature Riview: Researchert has to gather knowledge about effectiveness of community Radio and the existing problems in the agriculture sector from the various journals, handbooks, and websites for conducting research.
  • Sampling design for Data collection: 3 unions of 3 upazilas will be selected by sampling for collecting data. Among of the three union 2 will represent the hole protray of Bangladesh without sharing any communication channels. But the rest one will be tested as a field to count the outcomes where community radio will be launching.
  • Data collection Methods and tools: FGD, PRA, CSA as the participatory tools would be used for collecting data.
  • Data to be analyzed: Pie-chart, Bar- chart, Chi-square chart would be for analyzing the differences of condition of the selected fields.

Research Title or Problem Statement
Community Radio and Agricure: a new concept to prop up agro-productionand market development in rural Bangladesh.