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Research Proposal

Good governance has become a buzzword in a developing country like Bangladesh with special reference to the participation of women at different levels of administration.In recent years policy makers and donors are emphasizing local governments for establishing a good governance system through the active participation of female representatives in Local Government institutions.In the context of our local government,the administration is always to work under power politics.Sometimes the socio-economic condition and political situation creat barriers to play their role.

Who does the problem affect?
The problem basically affects female representatives of the Union Parishad(UP) which hinders to the development process of the country.

What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?
In our male dominating society,the discriminatory approach against women play a vital role in keeping them lag behind.It affects the qualitative development of our society and it obstructs to the progress of administration.
What is the problem?
The female representatives of local government are not getting scope to perform their role according to their duty and responsibility.
What is the impact of the problem?
Due to their failure in performing the job,the process of establishing good governance is hampered.
What will happen when it is fixed?
If the problem is resolved,the way to the progression of valid government will be accelerated.

What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
If we fail to solve this problem, the process of good governance will be at stake.

When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?
Whenever the female representatives try to play their role,this problem occurs.It is high time we fixed this long lasting problem through enhancing their capacity and raising their voice against the injustice prevailing in every corner of our society.
Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.
Specifically this problem is occurring in UP governed areas.
Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
The fixation of this problem is significant as we are moving fast to the way of esteemed governance with the aim at promoting the nation.
Research goal
The research goal is to ascertain whether the female representatives can play a vital role in securing good
The research questions
What is the existing condition of the female representatives of UP?
What types of problem do they face?
How the female members can contribute to establish good governance?
Research methodology
Secondary data will be analyzed.
Focus group discussion,questionnaire will be used and interview will be taken to collect primary data.

Research Title or Problem Statement
Role of female representatives ensuring good governance:A case study in Local Government Institutions in Bangladesh.