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Research Proposal


In Bangladesh literacy rate is very poor. Beside that, many students after passing graduation remain unemployment. So, young generation face challenges in the job market. To change a nation economically and ensure good governance we need to solve the problem immediately.

Who does the problem affect?
Unemployment affects our young generation mainly which crate social violence and suffers are our society, cultural and nation.
What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?
Job market is very competitive. As a result after compilation graduation student face challenges to face interview for getting job. More over we have a large number of young generation who are less educated and uneducated. The major causes of unemployment in Bangladesh are insufficient economic development and slow growth of industrialization. On other hand pressure of population on land, lack of alternative occupation, social setup and unsatisfactory system of education are the correlated causes for unemployment.

With this research data & facts will be collected from graduate student and how they prepare them for getting a job and same time find out ways for job seekers to sustain in the job market as well as build up confidence, quality & required qualification to getting jobs.

So based on required job description published in difference media candidate will participate in pre –job training i.e. dissertation work, internship, short assignment, event management & mug test etc.
Research goal

Recognize and understand about candidate has clear understanding and quality for the expected job.

The research questions
Interested area of job; way to searching jobs; applying process for jobs; information; additional qualification; training conduct; preparation for interview; understanding about job description & environment; academic education vs. technical education; generating ideas about working knowledge from different source; guidebook or manual on employment.

Graduate students from public and private universities/ colleges. Organization who are employees; Individuals (academician, journalist & industrialists etc.).
Research methodology

Individual information and academic papers, articles will be taken consideration to conduct the research.

Provability sample size will be determined based on university and colleges are providing educational services.
Data will be analyze in policy level where the new approach or methods will be tie up with formal education systems, training center required to open, more technical educational institute required for Bangladesh, Build up confidence & quality of students so that feels confident for expected job
Research Title or Problem Statement

After completing study students face challenges to engage with a job.