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Research Propos

There are various education systems in Bangladesh. Some are traditional, indigenous and religious and what going on now a day. The syllabus and curriculum also different from each systems. Teaching methods are also various qualitative and have some low qualities teachers training institutes. There are large numbers of students but institutions and teachers are not sufficient in number and quality. we do not get proper systems in education as a result generation is building as weak.
This is manifested in various problems like weak foundation, low productivity etc for the citizen of Bangladesh. There is huge public and private investment for education but out come is very low. Therefore it is very pertinent that a thorough research on solving problems immediately undertaken.

Who does the problem affect?
The students after all citizen of Bangladesh.

What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?
1. The people who are holding the state and benefited group who are maximizing personal and commercial(financial) benefits from this sector.
2. The problem is affecting day to day activities and who are involve in teaching, learning and setting curriculum.
What is the problem?
The education teaching system and syllabus are the problem is non-unified and pupil just get it memory without perception or understanding. Its just for making good result not learning. some are not practically related with job and job market.
What is the impact of the problem?
Present education system is producing unskilled and low productive person as a result quality is not ensure and misuse the resources gradually.
What will happen when it is fixed?
Education quality will fall gradually, unskilled and low productive unemployed people will increase day by day.
What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
The people want to make their son or daughter educated and both of them want well establishment but if the education system is not sufficient the citizen will not be establish in home and abroad because of unskilled and low productivity. As a result state will suffer from unemployed people, brain-drain will be happened gradually and we lose currency as well as all sectors development will be hampered.
When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?
In the time of setting curriculum's, teaching and learning
Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.
In the level of policy making, curriculum, education institution, educational equipments, books and guiding as mentoring, evaluation, teacher, students and guardians impacts.
Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
This problem is well evident n different researches and observations and stakeholders are demanding effective education system curriculum and teaching to ensure.
Research goal
To find out problems and solutions as how much affect or benefit occurring at present.
The research questions
1. Why present education systems are hazard?
2. how much qualitative education producing from institution?
3. which factors are responsible for low qualities and low out come in education?
Research methodology
The study will be based on quantitative data supplemented by qualitative data whenever appropriate. This can be termed as a dominant design. Design used the term triangulation to argue for the combination of methodologies in the study of similar phenomena. There will be a combination of qualitative and quantitative data in research. The community based cross sectional design will be followed to conduct the study-quantitative tool in the form of semi-structured questionnaire will be used for gathering information while qualitative tool in the form of in depth interview will be used to collect data and to triangulate the information the team is proposing to use in depth interview with checklist and literature review. Validity of the data collected will be ensured. there will also contact with respective research organization and stakeholders like government and non government organizations, institution management team , students, teacher and guardians. All these will be contacted for relevant secondary information.
Research Title or Problem Statement
Building Nations a hazard for non-unified text curriculum and teaching methods in Bangladesh