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Research Proposal


In Bangladesh majority of family planning programme has been on methods that needed to be used on a continous basis. Despite the abailability of the methods that can be used as emergency contraception there has been very little effort to offer an newly married couples. For newly married couples who do not use any contraceptive or use contraceptive irregularly; emergency contraception provides a critical second chance to prevent unwanted pregnency.To promote the EC newly married couples for prevention of unwanted pregnency, the service provider should have sound knowledge on EC. It is expected that the study will explore the knowledge and practice of newly married couples on EC, which will help to develop strategies and to improve knowledge and practice on EC. Ultimately it will help newly married couples from unwanted pregnency and its sufferings.

Who does the problem affect?
Adolecent and newly married couples.
What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?
Lack of proper knowledge and practice of EC, insufficiency of skilled and semi skilled service provider who could have rational contribution to motivate the effective people.The areas that affect by the problem are mainly the urban slums and rural areas.

What is the problem?
Lack of awareness of EC.

What is the impact of the problem?
Due to this problem the ratio of unwanted pregnency and abortion increaseswhich causes child and maternal mortality.

What will happen when it is fixed?
It will reduce unwanted pregnency, child and maternal mortality rate as well as it will control birth rate.

What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
Day by day unwanted pregnency, child and maternal mortality,adolecent sucide and population problem will be increased.
When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?

The problem mostly occured in the period of adolecent and the very begaining of conjugal life. In the eve of adolecents and marriage it could be fixed.

Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.

It may occure every where every level in the society. In urban area it mostly occures among slum dwellers but in rural areas it may occur poor and un educated peoples.

Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
To prevent or reduce unwanted pregnency, child and maternal mortality.
Research goal
. To assess the knowlede & peactice of newly maried couples on EC .
. To assess the perception of newly merried couples regarding the need of Ec for prevention of unwanted pregnency as well as induced abortion.

The research questions

  1. How does EC play role to reduce unwanted pregnency and abortion?

  1. Why does newly married couple discontinue to use EC?

Research methodology

* Study Design:- The study will be a community based descriptive type of cross sectional study and will be carried out on the newly married couples of Bangladesh.The newly married couples will identified by the register of family planning and NGO workers for enrolment into the study.
* Study Area.
* Study Population.
* Sample size.
* Study Variables: Age, Sex, Education,Occupation, Income, Age of marriage, Knowledge about contraceptives,Availability of methods and services etc.
* Perception about ECP.

Research Title or Problem Statement

knowledge and practices of emergency contraceptives among the newly married couples in Bangladesh.