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Research Proposal


There is a general consensus that the citizen-oriented service delivery system is in crisis due to lack of good-governance. A quick glance at the realities within the constitutional arms and the management of economic, administrative and the political affairs further strengthens the statement on crisis in governance. Citizen-oriented service delivery system is far to achieve in Bangladesh though there is urge to have it. Due to absence of motivation and monitoring in the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS), employees are reluctant to produce their best service to the people.

Population problem is a major concern of our country and the cited cadre is responsible to cope up the problem with citizen-oriented service delivery system through out the country. To get best result from service providers, monitoring and motivational activities should be taken. For study the matter, I have considered Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning) cadre members who were appointed firstly in 1998 and there after and did not get any promotion yet as a motivational factor.

What exact information does a "Family Planner" need to be convinced to do family planning? Does the information Provider have this information?

Who does the problem affect?
Family Planning service receiver is primarily being benefited through citizen-oriented service delivery system. In addition, Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning) cadre members are also being benefited.

What are the boundaries of the problem? Which areas does the problem affect?
A boundary of the problem is the good-governance in Bangladesh that is aiming for better service delivery to the people having service provider personal satisfaction. The problem basically affects the population sector of the country and healthy Government Service atmosphere for the employee.

What is the problem?
Every one likes to be win-win situation. A Service Provider will give better service when he feels that his service life is being positively addressed. In case of family planning cadre, they have to work in different upzilla as an entry level officer where his junior is placed promoted post of other department only for being opted in different cadre at the time of entrance. So, he may be de-motivated and give poor service to the people that led intensive population problem. .

What is the impact of the problem?

Due to lack of citizen-oriented service delivery system, people will get poor service and the de-motivated service provider loss their interest to solve population problem.

What will happen when it is fixed?

What would happen if we didn’t solve the problem?
When - When does the problem occur? - When and how does it need to be fixed?
Where - Where is the problem occurring? Only in certain locations, processes, products, etc.
The problem is occurring around the country as a generalized problem, not at a specific location.

Why - Why is it important that we fix the problem?
There are many researches done on population problem. But, how the de-motivated officers/staff can affect population problem can not be carried out. . The proposed study will help to have an idea about the impacts of motivational factors of the officer to address the population problem.
Research goal

The research questions
1. What are the motivational factors of service provider personnel for giving Citizen-oriented service deliver?
2. Does Citizen-oriented service delivery system affect due to improper personnel management decision like promotion, transfer and political intervention?

Research methodology

Plan of what
Plan of what data will be collected
1. What are the motivation factors for better service delivery?
2. What extend citizen charter or secretariat manual followed for giving services?
3. How many years are taken to get promotion and what is the stipulated time in rules and procedurs to have so?
4. How many years are taken to get selection grade/Lien/Study Leave/earn leave and what is the stipulated time for the specific case?
5. How much ratio (in an average) the time is needed to deliver his service to the citizen?
6. What is the respondent perception for delaying service delivery?
7. What affect most in doing his job efficiently (Promotion/transfer/political intervention/salary)?

Data to be collected from
Data will be collected within the time period of MPA course.
1. Members of Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning) cadre.
2. Official records of controlling ministries
3. Act, Rules (BSR), regulations, Establishment manual and related materials
Data to be collected by
1. Primary Data (interview, FGD)
2. Secondary Data (Newspaper, Act, Rules (BSR), regulations, Establishment manual and materials)

How the answers will be derived from the data collected
After collecting data tabular analyses will be done using different statistical tools like- mean, median, percentage, regression, correlation, pie-chart, bar diagram etc.

Research Title or Problem Statement

Impact of personnel management decision to Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning) for citizen-oriented service delivery system in Bangladesh.